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Marriage Records

This is sorted by State, County and then first name of the Tapp. Most of the marriages have been entered into the Research Tree. NOTE - there many many marriages in the Research Tree that do not appear in this list. Check the Research Tree or contact me for source citations .Additions with source citations and corrections are welcomed.

When looking by marriage location, be sure to look for marriages in nearby counties in adjacent states: e.g., Webster County KY residents marrying in Vanderburgh County IN and Henderson County KY residents in Gallatin County IL.

State County Name Spouse Date
AL Lauderdale Eliza Tapp Albert Grocey 27 Aug 1867
AL Lauderdale Ellen Tapp Solomon Crittenden 01 Jul 1866
AL Lauderdale Frances E. Tapp James H. Bulls 31 Jul 1866
AL Lauderdale Henrietta Tapp Charles Ware 29 Mar 1893
AL Lauderdale John W. Tapp Harriet Marks 01 Dec 1859
AL Lauderdale Lewis Tapp Ellen Phillips 09 Jul 1883
AL Lauderdale Margaret J. Tapp W. J. Wilson 04 Dec 1866
AL Lauderdale Mary Ann Tapp John C. Phillips 08 Feb 1853
AL Lauderdale Mary Tapp Wyatt Kennedy 02 Apr 1880
AL Lauderdale Sallye J. Tapp John W. Tucker 02 Apr 1867
AL Lauderdale Vincent J. Tapp Amira McMurray 22 Dec 1859
AL Lauderdale William I. Tapp Elizabeth F. Marks 19 Jun 1850
AL Lauderdale William J. Tapp Mrs. Ann E. Cross 14 Dec 1857
AL Lawrence Marietta Tapp George W. Reynolds 17 Feb 1869
AL Lawrence S. T. Tapp P. E. Armstrong 01 Feb 1882
AL Mobile Anna M. Tapp George B. Butler Jan 13, 1831
AL Whitfield Hugh Tapp Phebe A. Samples Jul 26, 1859
AR Conway Curtis Tapp Martha Lilley 17 Feb 1856
AR Conway Elis H. Tapp Sofronie Shephard 2 Mar 1884
AR Conway Emma Tapp H. C. Cantrell 30 Jul 1882
AR Conway James W. Tapp Mary K. Gibson 11 Nov 1866
AR Conway Julia Frances Tapp Jesse Henson 27 Jun 1869
AR Craighead Joe Tapp Minnie [Mrs] Taylor 10/22/1900
AR Craighead Myrtle Tapp William Stotts 17 Nov 1895
AR Crawford Mathew Tapp Mollie Hogan 31 Oct 1897
AR Crawford Mattie Tapp George C. Mcatee 28 Jun 1885
AR Crawford P L Tapps Rosie Mcfartridge Aug 15, 1886
AR Cross W. H. Tapp Rena Thomas 28 Dec 1887
AR Hempstead Josie Tap Ike Peoples Jun 21, 1896
AR Lafayette Ella Tapp Henry Madison 29 Dec 1887
AR Lafayette Hettie Tapp James Wyatt 24 Dec 1895
AR Lafayette Louisa Tapp Alex Butler 18 Mar 1888
AR Lafayette Usley Tapp John Boice 1 Jun 1869
AR Phillips Curtis Tap Mary Elizabeth Cornelson Feb 23, 1858
AR Phillips Samuel Tapp Letty Burtchett 31 May 1872
AR Stone Laura V. Tapp W. P. Jones 23 Aug 1885
AR Stone Luann Tapp James W. Smart 1 Oct 1874
AR Washington Charles L. Tapp Malinda S.[Mrs] Kelton 21 Oct 1888
AR Washington Dora Tapp Jack Boyell 19 Jul 1896
AR Washington G. F. Tapp Jane Kelton 08 Apr 1888
AR Washington Mallie L. Tapp J. Mchood 21 Jul 1889
AR Yell Julia Tapp David Huston 7 Mar 1888
AR Yell William L. Tapp Mary J. Armstrong 13 Mar 1870
DE New Castle Mary Ann Tapp Thomas Grimes Apr 23, 1849
GA Banks T. L. Tapp Martha A. Mize Feb 05, 1865
GA Bartow A. C. Tapp W. L. Morris 29 Jan 1880
GA Bartow Ada Tapp J. B. Morris 03 Jan 1889
GA Bartow Bettie Tapp J. W. McCarson 20 December 1887
GA Bartow E. A. Tapp W. F. Brown 12 Aug 1886
GA Bartow M. F. Tapp J. T. Durham 12 Mar 1873
GA Bartow Susan L. H. Tapp T. N. Yancy 13 May 1883
GA Catoosa Maggie Tap James Phipps 11 Dec 1887
GA Chatham John Tapp Jane Tapp 25 Mar 1847
GA Chatham William Tapp Nancy Ford 03 Dec 1846
GA Franklin Curtis Tapp Nancy Cary 18 Nov 1831
GA Franklin Martha Tapp Jefferson Dairy 14 Apr 1833
GA Franklin Willis Tapp Nancy Wade 28 Aug 1823
GA Hall Letty Tapp Absalom Spain 04 Aug 1836
GA Walker E. Tapp Mentis Visage 5 Apr 1896
GA Walker John Tapp M. Crawford 13 Dec 1888
GA Walker Annie Tapp W. H. Gilreath 14 Nov 1897
ID Ada Maria Mrs. Tapps R. Bruner May 8, 1868
IL Brown Marshall Tapp Addie (Mrs) Smith 09/29/1889
IL Brown James M. Tapp Nancy Lawrence 09/04/1870
IL Cook Alice Cordelia Tapp William Thomas Jackson 08/20/1890
IL Cook August Tapp Wilhelmine Bredemeyer 09/22/1872
IL Cook Marie A Tapp Phillip C Doeppenschmitt 02/05/1894
IL Cook Mathilde Tapp Frank Eckmann 01/26/1885
IL Cook Mattie Tapp David W Payne 03/10/1881
IL Cook Jacob Tapp Emma Schum 5/02/1895
IL Cook Tappias Tapp Elizabeth Simon 05/13/1873
IL Cook Therese Tapp Mathias Breit 01/17/1893
IL Cook William Tapp Caroline Kortum 10/27/1872
IL Cook William Tapp Annie E Hodge 10/03/1873
IL Gallatin Anna Eliza Tapp Carroll Gibson 08/21/1871
IL Gallatin Armanda Tapp Benjamin F Moorehead 12/27/1883
IL Gallatin Benjamin Tapp Mary Saser 10/09/1890
IL Gallatin Dellen M Tapp Walter B Russell 11/15/1893
IL Gallatin Earnest Tapp Sallie Brown 11/04/1897
IL Gallatin Eleanora Tapp Burrell J King 12/02/1874
IL Gallatin Eter Tapp Robert Gibson 11/26/1891
IL Gallatin George H Tapp Sarah E Crowley 11/20/1882
IL Gallatin Gertie Tapp W L Wyatt 09/03/1897
IL Gallatin Jefferson Tapp Mable Kanady 07/14/1890
IL Gallatin John B Tapp Clara Gipson 10/31/1890
IL Gallatin John Tapp Barbara A Ladd 12/03/1877
IL Gallatin John W Tapp Parmelia F Marks 09/10/1869
IL Gallatin Nettie F Tapp Joseph Oglesby 11/10/1875
IL Gallatin Nettie Tap John L Gravs 09/25/1896
IL Gallatin Noah Tapp Mary Wiley 12/03/1884
IL Gallatin Rena Tapp Thomas Mccormick 05/12/1897
IL Gallatin Rosa Tapp J Roland Bualdwin 12/21/1891
IL Gallatin Rosa Tapp J Roland Bualdswin 12/21/1891
IL Gallatin Sallie Tapp Osburn L Coffman 09/07/1874
IL Gallatin Sarah Tapp Donalson Chandlers 08/06/1888
IL Gallatin Sudie Tapp James M King 03/15/1880
IL Gallatin William H Tapp Sudia King 11/25/1885
IL Gallatin William L Tapp Ella Prichett 12/25/1882
IL Greene Mary E Tapp Benjamin Murphy 10/12/1898
IL Greene Newton Tapp Mary Kelly 12/19/1872
IL Greene Susie Tapp John A Walker 11/11/1879
IL Iroquois Samuel J Tapp Hattie L Thompson 07/22/1873
IL Jackson Mary O Tapp William S Lantaff 02/23/1886
IL Jasper Arnetta Tapp Eli Davis 03/20/1884
IL Jersey Lewis G Tapp Sarah E White 02/18/1864
IL Johnson Jane Tapp William Fitzgerald 02/18/1841
IL Johnson L. G. Tapp Nancy Jenkins Feb 13, 1862
IL Johnson Nancy Tapp Columbus Boyd 07/27/1865
IL Johnson William Tapp Elizabeth Shoard 12/10/1840
IL Kane Pearl (Porter) Tap Homer Dailey 10/21/1894
IL Knox Andrew J Tapp Nancy R Creighton 02/19/1857
IL Knox Daisy B Tapp Charles Munson 5/30/1900
IL Knox Diana Tapp George H Mcclung 09/11/1865
IL Knox Elijah Tapp Rachel Dennis Aug 31, 1854
IL Knox Emily Tapp Lewis Jarnagin 08/07/1839
IL Knox George A Tapp Hilda Hanson 12/25/1898
IL Knox James B Tapp Sarah M Worthington 07/08/1858
IL Knox John V Tapp Ella Franklin 09/29/1875
IL Knox Louisa Tapp William Essex 05/09/1839
IL Knox Vincent Tapp Diena Merrit 10/20/1861
IL Knox Vincent Tapp, Jr. Margret E. White Jul 28, 1853
IL Lawrence Bettie Tapp Ferman J Landreth 9/17/1900
IL Logan Lewis G Tapp Sarah E Brady 08/29/1860
IL Macon D John Tap Mary Hollingsworth 12/09/1858
IL Macon Rosser Tapp Annie Barry 08/16/1893
IL Madison James M Tapp Elizabeth Halford 10/24/1837
IL Madison Lewis Tapp Harriet Brooks 12/21/1845
IL Mercer Charles W Tapp Julia Fry 12/25/1878
IL Moultrie Mattie E Tapp Richard B Brathan 09/30/1872
IL Sangamon Harriett E Tapp Thomas Wood 03/21/1884
IL Shelby A J Tapp Lucy Ann Scott 02/24/1881
IL Shelby Dillard Tapp Mary E Rookard 08/15/1867
IL Shelby Rebecca Tapp Joseph Virden 12/24/1885
IL Shelby Sarah E Tapp Rawley Wright 05/24/1876
IL St. Clair Lewis N Tapp Martha Ann Abbot 05/27/1840
IL Stark Alfred C Tapp Mabel M Adleman 10/08/1893
IL Stark Belinda Tapp William S Johnson 06/20/1852
IL Stark Bushrod Tapp Mary Jane Essex 09/09/1845
IL Stark Eliza Ann Tapp James Biggs 01/08/1852
IL Stark George W Tapp Anna L Flock 04/08/1875
IL Stark Isadora Tapp Wilber Campbell 01/01/1895
IL Stark Joseph W Tapp Laura G Swope 10/03/1889
IL Stark Judith Tapp Havilah Johnson 05/25/1852
IL Stark Martha Tapp Franklin Pratt 07/17/1869
IL Stark Theodore B Tapp Carrie C Aumick (Mrs) Phillips 12/25/1892
IL Stark Vincent Tapp Catharine Stargell 02/07/1856
IL Stark William O Tapp Viola Dugan 03/19/1893
IL Vermilion Samuel D Tapp Jennie Johnson 03/12/1889
IL Vermilion Sarah Tapp Frank Brown 12/28/1887
IL Vermilion William Tapp Maria B Ernest 09/27/1881
IL Washington Lesis Tapp Mary Harris 08/04/1842
IN Allen Bertha Tapp Henry Stall, Jr. 06 Apr 1887
IN Allen Grazilla Tapp Silas E Lavanway 04 Oct 1887
IN Allen Herman W Tapp Lizzie M Winters 16 Feb 1879
IN Allen Minnie Tapp George W Mckee 08 Dec 1891
IN Allen Nora M Tapp John Ertel 21 Jul 1896
IN Allen Robert W Tapp Nora Jones 14 Dec 1882
IN Bartholomew Amanda Tapp Nathan Graves Jr. 15 Sep 1855
IN Bartholomew Elizabeth Tapp William H Whittington 24 Dec 1865
IN Bartholomew Milton Tapp Mary Jane Vanarsdel 12 Oct 1863
IN Bartholomew Sarah Ann Tapp Amos Knight 31 Nov 1859
IN Benton Anna C Tapp James Murphy 25 Jul 1883
IN Benton C F Tapp Abbie Albro 11 Oct 1898
IN Boone James D Tapp Georgia A Shad 01 Mar 1894
IN Boone John Tapp Mary A Coombs 11 Aug 1870
IN Brown Clara Belle Tapp James P Taylor 30 Jul 1879
IN Carroll Eliza J Tapp Oliver Marshall 17 Sep 1873
IN Clark Allice Tapp Daniel Riley 01 Mar 1888
IN Clark Ella Tapp Gus Stinsen 12 Jun 1895
IN Clark Emma Cordelia Tapp Jonathan O'neal 04 Jul 1867
IN Clark Judith A Tapp James W Lancaster 13 Jun 1877
IN Clark Lizzie B Tapp Milton Hill 21 Oct 1878
IN Clark Mamie Tapp Robert L Goodpasture 05 Oct 1893
IN Clark Mary Ann Tapp John Stansbury 10-22-1845
IN Clark Mary Ann Tapp John Stansbury 22 Oct 1845
IN Clark Mary F Tapp Lawrence S Parsons 16 Aug 1880
IN Clark Mary V Tapp John A Hamersley 28 Feb 1865
IN Clark Theresa Tapp Frank Sprigler 17 Jul 1894
IN Clinton George Tapp Mary Milner 14 Mar 1894
IN Floyd William Tapp Minerva Mucomb 12 Jun 1876
IN Jasper Sarah E. Tapp William C. Huston 19 Dec 1880
IN Jefferson Henry Tapp Eliza O. Byfield 17 Mar 1878
IN Jefferson Laura Tapp William Fields 29 Dec 1884
IN Jennings Burcuit Tapp Sarah Coryea 1-10-1839
IN Jennings Ebbie J. Tapp John J. Brown 17 Feb 1870
IN Jennings Elizabeth Tapp Fleming Sarver 07 Oct 1869
IN Johnson Bert E. Tapp Anna M. Levan 02 Mar 1897
IN Johnson Henry Tapp Hannah E. Barnett 23 Apr 1865
IN Johnson Ida Tapp Charles Workman 16 Mar 1894
IN Johnson James Tapp Ada C. Dawson 14 Aug 1876
IN Johnson John Tapp Sarah A. Newton 01 Jun 1867
IN Johnson Lucy J. Tapp Henry Kiphart 16 Aug 1853
IN Johnson Martha A. Tapp Daniel B. Parkhurst 27 Nov 1862
IN Johnson Mary A. Tapp Eldo B. Figg 05 Feb 1858
IN Johnson Milton Tapp Katharine Legan 11-2-1840
IN Johnson Minnie Tapp Ora Logan 21 Feb 1894
IN Johnson Nancy Tapp John T. Langley 22 Nov 1894
IN Johnson Richard M. Tapp Jane Dawson 28 Jan 1875
IN Johnson Richard T. Tapp Sarah Sellers 29-Aug-1833
IN Johnson Richard Thompson Tapp Nancy J. Utterback 01 May 1879
IN Johnson Samuel M. Tapp Mary C. Caywood 17 Dec 1861
IN Johnson Sarah Ann Tapp Cleavurs Swift 5-30-1833
IN Johnson Sarah Hester Tapp John Clark 02 Oct 1866
IN Johnson Sarah Tapp James W. Terhune 07 Jul 1866
IN Johnson William H. Tapp Paulina Johnson 06 Nov 1874
IN Johnson Wilson T. Tapp Mildred A. Utterback 18 Oct 1871
IN Montgomery John R Tapp Mary Wilber 8-31-1848
IN Montgomery Mary J. Tapp Charles F Bell Sep. 10, 1852
IN Montgomery Mary Tapp Horace M Strong 9-20-1850
IN Montgomery Alice J. Tapp William H. Myers Apr 6, 1882
IN Montgomery Arthon L. Tapp James F. Boots Nov 28, 1861
IN Montgomery De Anna Tapp LaMarr Knepple July 12, 1899
IN Montgomery Dora Tapp Marshall Brown Sep 7, 1887
IN Montgomery Emma A. Tapp John L. France April 14, 1881
IN Montgomery Hortense B. Tapp Robert E. Moore Jan 26 1895
IN Montgomery John W. Tapp Anna E. Kirk Sept. 20, 1893
IN Montgomery Julia A. Tapp Woodson T. Batman Sep 28, 1893
IN Montgomery MCKinley Tapp Rosa N. Bradley Nov 7, 1883
IN Montgomery Mollie Tapp Alonzo H. Miller Sep 25, 1895
IN Montgomery Oscar Tapp Cynthia J. Vincent 14-Aug-02
IN Montgomery Oscar Tapp Sabina Cunningham Feb 27, 1862
IN Montgomery Perry Tapp Luinie Pierson April 25, 1894
IN Montgomery Robert L. Tapp Effie M. Willoughby Mar 23, 1899
IN Montgomery Willlis F. Tapp Lavinda Cunningham April 20, 1880
IN Montgomery Lenore C. Tapp Emory A. Everson 2-Dec-03
IN Owen Overton D Tapp Clara B Massy 6-May-00
IN Parke Willis F. Tapp Mollie E. Cornthwaite 16 Jun 1895
IN Shelby Emma Tapp Leo Schweitzar 16 Sep 1896
IN Shelby George Tapp Ann Stabaugh 6-22-1846
IN Sullivan Elizabeth Tapp John M. Berry Nov. 27, 1867
IN Sullivan Sue V. Tapp Melvin Ellis Sep. 28, 1873
IN Switzerland Alfred Tapp Leah Peters 01 Apr 1848
IN Switzerland Alfred Tapp Melinda J. Heritage 09 Dec 1866
IN Switzerland Alphretta Tapp Charles F. Heritage 28 Dec 1879
IN Switzerland Cecilia Tapp William Schievelbein 04 Mar 1875
IN Switzerland Charles Tapp Celia Dusch 23 Jul 1873
IN Switzerland Demarcus L. Tapp Mary Peters 18 Apr 1846
IN Switzerland Felia Tapp Timothy J. Porter 23 Oct 1881
IN Switzerland James W. Tapp Martha Ann Dodd 10 Dec 1876
IN Switzerland James W. Tapp Margaret Smith 20 Nov 1838
IN Switzerland Jane Tapp Andrew Jackson Farrar 29 May 1841
IN Switzerland John F. Tapp Keturah Farrar 23-Mar
IN Switzerland Juliann Tapp Isaac Watts 12 Nov 1832
IN Switzerland Matilda W. Tapp James J. Boardman 02 Mar 1850
IN Switzerland Mrs Margaret M. Tapp Peter Funk 15 Jul 1866
IN Switzerland Valinda Tapp William W. Mcmakin 22 Apr 1839
IN Switzerland William W. Tapp Leonora Boyd 14 Jun 1858
IN Switzerland Zebulon Tapp Aletha Howard 04 Aug 1875
IN Tippecanoe Cornelius Tap Sarah Brown Feb 13 1866
IN Tippecanoe Mary Tapp Charles E. Hasty Aug 21 1887
IN Vanderburgh A B Tapp Sallie C Wiley 16 Mar 1892
IN Vanderburgh Alice Tapp Jr Andrew Sirkle 10 May 1893
IN Vanderburgh Annie Tapp Other Minton 04 Oct 1892
IN Vanderburgh Drue Tapp Annie Cates 26 Dec 1893
IN Vanderburgh Eli Tapp Fannie Melton 27 Nov 1899
IN Vanderburgh Emma Tapp J M Overfield 29-Jan-00
IN Vanderburgh Georgie Tapp William C Wise 06 Oct 1892
IN Vanderburgh Henry Tapp Jennie Friley 19 Sep 1881
IN Vanderburgh Hubbard Tapp Lizze Lynn 08 Oct 1889
IN Vanderburgh Jacob Tapp Rebecca White 30 Jan 1899
IN Vanderburgh James Tapp Juliet Gibson 06 Oct 1892
IN Vanderburgh James Tapp Fanny Hancock 26 Jan 1894
IN Vanderburgh Lulu B Tapp Larkin E Crook 26 Jul 1897
IN Vanderburgh Maggie Tapp Dave Quinn 20 Dec 1894
IN Vanderburgh Mamie Tapp Jos L Melton 30 Oct 1893
IN Vanderburgh Virgil Tapp Mamie Prather 27 Jan 1896
IN Vanderburgh Wesley Tapp Vina Dixon 08 Feb 1896
IN Vanderburgh Wiley Tapp Kate Gibson 10 Feb 1893
IN Vanderburgh William I Tapp Anna Maria Stuckley 10 Oct 1867
IN Vanderburgh William J Tapp Susanna H M Jarrett 09 Jun 1897
IN Hermina Tapp George Washington McKee
KS Neoshoks Rachel Tapp Alonzo Roundo 26 Jul 1869
KY Barren Burkitt Tapp Eliza Duncan 05 Jan 1815
KY Bourbon James Tapp Elizabeth Radcliffe 29 Jul 1793
KY Campbell Moses Tapp Mary Ann Craum/Craven 23 June 1836
KY Fayette Elizabeth Tapp James Wilson 15 Sep 1803
KY Fayette Nelson Tapp Jane Mcinter 11 Nov 1817
KY Fayette Newton Tapp Elizabeth Wallace 19 Feb 1812
KY Franklin Anna Tapp R. C. Mayhall Jun 12, 1877
KY Franklin Owen Tapp Sarah Catherine Collins Oct 09, 1855
KY Franklin Hallie Tapp William B. White December 21, 1876
KY Henderson A. L. Tapp L. M. Denton Dec 11, 1895
KY Henderson Ammer Tapp I. O. Tapp Feb 10, 1892
KY Henderson Arch Tapp Ella Nora Wood May 12, 1886
KY Henderson B. D. Tapp Annie Wilson Dec 28, 1892
KY Henderson Eliza J. Tapp B. J. King Jan 30, 1881
KY Henderson H. K. Tapp Pearl Liles 24-Dec-00
KY Henderson Henry Tapp Narcissa J. Sammons Oct 19, 1857
KY Henderson I. O. Tapp Ammer Tapp Feb 10, 1892
KY Henderson James V. Tapp Emily J. Downs Apr 02, 1867
KY Henderson Jesse W. Tapp Emaline Liles Apr 28, 1864
KY Henderson John W. Tapp Roxey Duncan Oct 19, 1887
KY Henderson Maggie Tapp B. W. Watson Oct 30, 1899
KY Henderson Marth Tapp Chas Allen Apr 5, 1849
KY Henderson Mary Alice Tapp John David Husk Sep 26, 1878
KY Henderson Mary Susan Tapp John M. Duncan Jan 20, 1870
KY Henderson Mary Tapp J. D. Overfield Dec 09, 1885
KY Henderson Mary Tapp Sol. Toy Sep 04, 1873
KY Henderson Melissa A. Tapp George W. Dixon Nov 25, 1875
KY Henderson Minerva Tapp Frank Davis Sep 26, 1873
KY Henderson Ollie Tapp George W. Cottingham Oct 30, 1889
KY Henderson Queen L. Tapp J. P. Liles Jul 27, 1875
KY Henderson Rebecca Tapp Wm H Duncan Jan 30, 1850
KY Henderson Richard Tapp Sarah A. Higginson Feb 09, 1857
KY Henderson Robert D. Tapp Bettie P. Walker Nov 19, 1890
KY Henderson Samuel P. Tapp Laura Melton Dec 28, 1898
KY Henderson Samuel P. Tapp Rebecca E. Walker Jan 09, 1859
KY Henderson Sarah C. Tapp William F. Duncan Jul 16, 1882
KY Henderson Wiley D. Tapp Nancy Jane Crews Mar 03, 1856
KY Henderson William Tapp Mary Gibson 23 Jan 1825
KY Hopkins A. J. Tapp D. C. Sisk Oct 07, 1894
KY Hopkins Amanda M. Tapp Thomas Gooch Feb 04, 1867
KY Hopkins Annie L. Tapp F. M. Wyatt Apr 07, 1898
KY Hopkins Benjamin F. Tapp Sarah Mangum Mar 07, 1859
KY Hopkins C. B. Tapp Mrs. C. N. Stone 18-Apr-00
KY Hopkins C. B. Tapp Onie Stone Feb 13, 1884
KY Hopkins C. O. Tapp Katie B. Combs Dec 18, 1898
KY Hopkins Calvin J. Tapp Frances E. Mangum Dec 22, 1856
KY Hopkins Eli Tapp Temperance H Trice Apr 13, 1842
KY Hopkins Eliza Tapp John Yarbrough Feb 2, 1842
KY Hopkins Elizabeth F. Tapp William T. Wilkerson Feb 14, 1866
KY Hopkins Elizabeth Tapp Lorenza Rust Sep 22, 1853
KY Hopkins Evelyn G. Tapp Warren W. Ashby Dec 19, 1867
KY Hopkins F. M. Tapp Martha J. Howton Dec 20, 1896
KY Hopkins Frances Tapp Charles Browder Dec 17, 1874
KY Hopkins G. W. Tapp H. P. Clark Dec 17, 1874
KY Hopkins Green W. Tapp Orpe Pate Oct 14, 1857
KY Hopkins H. P. [Mrs] Tapp G. T. Fox 13 Oct 1894
KY Hopkins I. O. Tapp S. F. Coffman Feb 04, 1875
KY Hopkins J. C. Tapp M. J. Bell Feb 22, 1875
KY Hopkins J. C. Tapp S. Pearl Headley Sep 27, 1893
KY Hopkins J. H. Tapp A. L. Kirkwood Feb 26, 1880
KY Hopkins J. T. Tapp Sarah E. Furgerson Feb 11, 1874
KY Hopkins Jeff Tapp Mandy Shackelford Oct 17, 1875
KY Hopkins Jennie Tapp J. E. Woodson Jun 06, 1898
KY Hopkins Jesse A. Tapp Mary P. Bailey Oct 22, 1857
KY Hopkins Jesse Tapp Elizabeth Gooch 1847
KY Hopkins Joel H Tapp Sarah F. N. Rice 1843
KY Hopkins John L. Tapp Susan L. Springrield 1849
KY Hopkins Joseph Tapp Sallie Radford Dec 25, 1873
KY Hopkins Josie Tapp Leander Johnson Jul 21, 1897
KY Hopkins L. L. Tapp Iduma Boggess Sep 28, 1882
KY Hopkins Laura E. Tapp James H. Jones Jan 04, 1882
KY Hopkins Laura E. Tapp William C. Brown Mar 03, 1875
KY Hopkins Letty Tapp Benjamin Lynch Oct 19, 1875
KY Hopkins Lillian F. Tapp J. B. Givens Oct 19, 1898
KY Hopkins Louisa Tapp Tyler Adams Dec 28, 1871
KY Hopkins M. A. Tapp W. T. Clements Oct 26, 1879
KY Hopkins M. C. Tapp F. M. Mitchell May 27, 1880
KY Hopkins Manerah Tapp J. L. Rodgers Nov 29, 1881
KY Hopkins Mariah A. Tapp Marshall Gibson Sep 16, 1871
KY Hopkins Martin B. Tapp Minnie B. Tapp Dec 15, 1886
KY Hopkins Mary E. Tapp Henry T. Brooks Nov 16, 1875
KY Hopkins Mary Tapp G. D. Sisk Mar 11, 1891
KY Hopkins Minnie B. Tapp Martin B. Tapp Dec 15, 1886
KY Hopkins Minnie F. Tapp Emery Lantaff Jan 08, 1890
KY Hopkins Mrs. H. P. Tapp G. T. Fox Oct 13, 1894
KY Hopkins Phebe A. Tapp John Humphrey Jun 02, 1859
KY Hopkins R. C. Tapp Lulu Jones Dec 04, 1878
KY Hopkins R. S. Tapp Adaline Brown Jan 12, 1876
KY Hopkins Radford B. Tapp Paralee L. Payne Apr 03, 1857
KY Hopkins Raduns T. Tapp Ann Eliza Sisk Mar 17, 1851
KY Hopkins Sallie L. Tapp Dennis Vaughn Dec 05, 1875
KY Hopkins Sarah A. Tapp Martin H. Bailey Oct 15, 1851
KY Hopkins Tura Tapp A. Graham Dec 08, 1886
KY Hopkins Vaden Tapp B. N. Mangrum Dec 25, 1884
KY Hopkins Vincent Tapp Emily Pritchett Mar 26, 1851
KY Hopkins W. J. Tapp Matilda Robinson May 11, 1884
KY Hopkins William H. Tapp Eliza Sisk Jan 13, 1851
KY Hopkins William Tapp Jule Ann Woodson Oct 17, 1872
KY Hopkins Wm H. Tapp Fanny Webster Apr 19, 1849
KY Knott D. W. Tapp Georgia Watson Dec 8, 1890
KY Knott Della Tapp J. R. Adams Oct 13, 1886
KY Knott Eliza Tapp G. W. Asher Dec 23, 1880
KY Knott Francis Ann Tapp James Edward Lisman Dec 5, 1861
KY Knott Henrietta Tapp L.A Rawlings Dec 18, 1867
KY Knott Ida Tapp C. W. Young Dec 19, 1867
KY Knott Laura Tapp J. A. Clark Mar 23, 1892
KY Knott Malessa Tapp Beverly Hennin Jan 16, 1872
KY Knott Martha Tapp William Williams Dec 26, 1872
KY Knott Martha Tapp Henry Walton Jan 17, 1876
KY Knott Martha Tapp A. D. Duncan Oct 16, 1877
KY Knott Martha Tapp E. W. Rawles Aug 1, 1894
KY Knott Mary S. Tapp William Thomas Dec 2, 1865
KY Knott Nannie Tapp J.T. Hanley Jan 5, 1887
KY Knott Nora Tapp W.W. Brown Jan 6, 1897
KY Knott Ruby Tapp R. M. Lisman Dec 24, 1899
KY Knott Stacy Ann Tapp Thomas Foresha Dec 23, 1863
KY Knott Symauthia Tapp R.B. Woods Dec 21, 1876
KY Knott T. T. Tapp Ollie Todd June 11, 1893
KY Lincoln Alfred Tapp Susie Leach Nov 26, 1885
KY Lincoln Charles C. Tapp Lillie Adams Dec 02, 1897
KY Lincoln Elizabeth Tap William James Sep 07, 1871
KY Lincoln Joseph Tapp Jemima Dishon Nov 28, 1879
KY Lincoln Lula Tapp William Bastin May 14, 1890
KY Lincoln Philip B. Tapp Mary Elle Dishon May 30, 1877
KY Lincoln William Tapp Mrs. Laura Wolf Nov 17, 1881
KY Marshall Govan W. Tapp Rebecca A. Alford Apr 26, 1885
KY Mason Elias Tapp Jane Coulter 17 Sep 1814
KY Mason Jane Tapp David Bradford 24 Jul 1831
KY Mclean Henrietta Tapp John J. Jacobs 12 Mar 1873
KY Montgomery Kitty Tapp Alexander Mcdannold 16 Feb 1815
KY Montgomery Polly Tapp Phillip Mcdaniel 15 Mar 1818
KY Muhlenberg John C. Tapp Tenie Price May 20, 1892
KY Oldham James Tapp Nancy Hankins 23 Jun 1829
KY Oldham Elizabeth Tapp Thomas Hendrix 27 Sep 1825
KY Oldham Elizabeth Tapp William Hensley 7 Apr 1847
KY Oldham Mary Francis Charles E. McKinney 4 nov 1862
KY Oldham Ellen Tapp John Jones 21 Mar 1854
KY Oldham Mary Francis Charles E. McKinney 4 nov 1862
KY Oldham Moses Tapp Sarah Ann Jeffries 19 Nov 1866
KY Trimble Nancy E. Tapp Edward Branch Dec 16, 1875
KY Trimble Vincent Tapp Susan Flint Aug 01, 1854
KY Trimble Wesley Tapp Rachel Shepherd 27 July 1850
KY Washington Algin B. Tapp Mrs. Emily Nix Sep 01, 1875
KY Washington Malinda Tapp J. Edgar Lynch Aug 09, 1875
KY Washington T. Dudley Tapp Ada Colvin Dec 07, 1898
KY Webster Abner Tapp A. W. Riddle 19 Jan 1876
KY Webster Belle T. Tapp H. C. Stiles 28 Aug 1870
KY Webster Cobb Tapp Martha Holeman 27 Dec 1879
KY Webster D. W. Tapp Georgia Watson 8 Dec 1890
KY Webster Della Tapp J. R. Adams 13 Oct 1886
KY Webster Eliza Tapp G. W. Asher 23 Dec 1880
KY Webster Elizabeth Tapp James M. Baker 19 Dec 1867
KY Webster Francis Ann Tapp James Edward Lisman 5 Dec 1861
KY Webster Hellen J. Tapp James D. Hill 28 Sep 1873
KY Webster Henrietta Tapp L. A. Rawlings 19 Dec 1867
KY Webster Ida Tapp C. W. Young 17 Mar 1887
KY Webster Ida Tapp John Hill 18 Aug 1878
KY Webster J. H. Tapp Eliza Pinkston 27 Feb 1881
KY Webster James B. Tapp Sallie J. Winstead 16 Jan 1862
KY Webster Jesse Tapp Carie Coffman 18 Apr 1888
KY Webster John Tapp Nannie Thornberry 27 Dec 1888
KY Webster Laura Tapp J. A. Clark 23 Mar 1892
KY Webster M. A. [Mrs] Tapp K. J. Mccurry 26 Sep 1871
KY Webster Malessa Tapp Beverly Hennin 16 Jan 1872
KY Webster Martha Tapp E. W. Rawles 1 Aug 1894
KY Webster Martha Tapp Henry Walton 17 Jan 1876
KY Webster Martha Tapp A. D. Duncan 17 Oct 1877
KY Webster Martha Tapp William Williams 26 Dec 1872
KY Webster Mary H. Tapp Charles Allen 3 Mar 1868
KY Webster Mary S. Tapp William Thomas 2 Feb 1865
KY Webster Mary Tapp Barney Melton 9 Nov 1880
KY Webster Nannie Tapp J. T. Hanley 5 Jan 1887
KY Webster Nealie Tapp Delia Campbell 6 Jul 1892
KY Webster Nettie Tapp James Browning Oct, 1877
KY Webster Nora Tapp W. W. Brown 6 Jan 1897
KY Webster Ruby Tapp R. M. Lisman 24 Dec 1899
KY Webster Sarah M. Tapp J. C. Parker 5 Dec 1866
KY Webster Sarah Tapp E. F. Russell 20 Dec 1877
KY Webster Stacy Ann Tapp Thomas Foresha 23 Dec 1863
KY Webster Symauthia Tapp R. B. Woods 21 Dec 1876
KY Webster T. T. Tapp Ollie Todd 11 Jun 1893
MD Queen Anne's Co., Md Anne Tapp Lewis C. M Stockett Feb. 22, 1837
MO Bates Emily Tapp Wesley C. Guest Dec 25, 1872
MO Cedar Susan A. Tapp William E. Edwards May 30, 1858
MO Cedar William K. Tapp Mary E. Childers Nov 04, 1856
MO Clay Catharine Tapp Elisha Estes Jan 08, 1861
MO Clay Charity Tapp Peter Tapp May 22, 1869
MO Clay Charles L. Tapp Bessie Hendrson Dec 09, 1896
MO Clay Emma J. Tapp Locke Riley Oct 14, 1875
MO Clay John W. Tapp Xannie Scott Oct 29, 1867
MO Clay Lewis W. Tapp Laura F. Haynes Sep 10, 1867
MO Clay Mildred Tapp Anthony Phelps Nov 20, 1860
MO Clay Mrs. Emmie S. Tapp D. A. Gwin Dec 11, 1881
MO Clay Pendleton W. Tapp Catherine Williams 03 Dec 1850
MO Clay Peter Tapp Charity Tapp May 22, 1869
MO Clay S. W. Tapp Elizabeth Harris Jan 26, 1869
MO Clay Sarah Tapp Richard Moore Jul 22, 1862
MO Clay Satane Tapp Nannie Wilkinson Sep 15, 1870
MO Clay William P. Tapp Mary J. Stollings Dec 20, 1877
MO Howell Nancy Tapp W. S. Farmer Oct 29, 1883
MO Lafayette Anna M. Tapp Claude H. Neer Jan 16, 1890
MO Lafayette Maggie L. Tapp Edward O. Neer Jun 30, 1897
MO Ripley William C. Tapp Mary A. Cobb Dec 24, 1885
MO Saline Mrs. Harriett Tapp Frederick Smith Jun 23, 1864
MO St. Louis Catharina Tapp Hermann Buettner Oct 24, 1859
MS John Tapp Mary Mackey 05/04/1855
MS Alcorn Mahala Tapp W. H. Wilbanks Jan 11, 1885
MS Alcorn T J Tapp R. A. Miss Wilbanks Dec 22, 1886
MS Alcorn V J Tapp Irvilda Or Irvilder Wilbanks Jan 1, 1885
MS Benton J.W. Tapp O.E. Kidd Jan 17, 1884
MS Leake Manderville Tapp Henry Howard Dec 11, 1879
MS Lee Leslie Tapp R. M. Alford Nov 8, 1898
MS Lee W. L. Tapp Fannie Outlaw Mar 10, 1886
MS Prentiss S. P. Tapp S. E. Stevenson Oct 11, 1887
MS Tippah C E Miss Tapp T. B. Turner Dec 30, 1872
MS Tippah Elias Tapp Mary Ann Mrs Mills Mar 25, 1894
MS Tippah J. T. Tapp L A Mrs Watson Mar 3, 1898
MS Tippah Julia Tapp R. J. Medford Sep 21, 1892
MS Tippah L J Miss Tapp S Welch 1871
MS Tippah Laurah A Tapp Isaac E. Belote Feb 2, 1881
MS Tippah M F Miss Tapp W. C. Medford Feb 7, 1883
MS Tippah M Miss Tapp A D Bell Nov 18, 1869
MS Tippah Nannie Tapp G W. Smith Jan 15, 1880
MS Tippah Sallie Tapp Thomas P. Cotton 1871
MS Tippah V. J. Tapp Madora Raney Jan 18, 1867
MS Tippah V. J. Tapp Martha Prather 2/20/1905
MS Tippah W. E. Tapp Ella Grace Jan 5, 1893
MS Union J. T. Tapp Betty Osborn Dec 29, 1882
MS Union T. P. Tapp Bettie Smythe Jan 12, 1884
MS Yalobusha Vincent Tapp Amanda Palmer Dec 2, 1845
MS Samuel Oscar Tapp Sarah Emily Huddleston
NC Caswell Sophia Tapp Washington Jeffreys Aug 17, 1866
NC Granville George Tapp Messaniah Howard Nov 28, 1796
NC Granville Lewis Tapp Jenny Yancey Jan 2, 1797
NC Nash Margaret Tapp Jason Cooper Jan 29, 1867
NC Orange Allen Tapp Mildred Bayner Jun 1, 1868
NC Orange Andrew Tapp Julia Paul Mar 17, 1866
NC Orange Dicy Tapp Anthony Wilkinson Jun 29, 1867
NC Orange Elizabeth Tapp Thomas Carr Jun 21, 1866
NC Orange Elizabeth W. Tapp William Bowling Dec 13, 1866
NC Orange George Tapp Peggy Forsythe Sep 11, 1811
NC Orange Letha Tapp William W. Horn Nov 27, 1815
NC Orange Maletha Ann Tapp John Heart Jul 25, 1860
NC Orange Mary E. Tapp John Hart Feb 10, 1853
NC Orange Polly Tapp John Roberson Dec 27, 1866
NC Orange Rebecca J. Tapp Gorge Hobbs Nov 09, 1859
NC Orange Richard Tapp Rebecca Hopson Sep 3, 1813
NC Orange Ruffin R Tapp Mary Ann Pratt Oct 3, 1849
NC Orange Ruffin R. Tapp Melisse N Dunnagan Dec 16, 1867
NC Orange Sarah Ann Tapp David Robinson Aug 14, 1851
NC Orange Vincent Tapp Anne Hopsons Oct 8, 1812
NC Orange William Tapp Mary Thompson Apr 27, 1842
NC Person Bettie Tapp George Pearce Sep 16, 1865
NC Person Eli Tapp Sarah Lunsford Jun 10, 1817
NC Person Joel Tapp Jan 9, 1825
NC Person Joshua Tapp Martha Walters Nov 19, 1867
NC Person Margaret Tapp John Harris Oct 04, 1859
NC Person Martha J. Tapp James Snipes Nov 15, 1859
NC Person Martha Tapp Cicero Federick Dec 24, 1865
NC Person Rosa F. Tapp James Yancey Aug 25, 1864
NC Person Ruthe Tap Jonas Parker 08 Feb 1816
NC Person Sally Tapp John Harris 4 Jan 1796
NC Person Susanna Tapp John Cate 18 Nov 1893
NC Person William D. Tapp Martha Long Aug 3, 1853
NC Person William Tapp Rebecca Fowler Jul 19, 1796
NY Manhattan William Tapp 1876
NY New York City Henry Augustus Tapp Jane A. F. Davenport Dec 1, 1848
NY New York City Jane Tapp Charles Bartling 1806
OH Auglaize John Tapp Annie Catharine Klute 21 Mar 1861
OH Hamilton Eliza Ann Tapp Jacob Yark Jan 19, 1843
OH Muskingum Susanna Tapp John W. Rose Apr 05, 1838
OH Washington Elizabeth Tapp Walter Davis May 17, 1863
OH Washington Nancy Tapp William E. Matthew July 28, 1863
OR Douglas Jane Tapp M. Ferguson Oct 26, 1877
OR Douglas Robert H. Tapp Jane Sutherlin May 23, 1858
OR Douglas Robert Tapp Ora Frayer May 26, 1882
OR Lane John Tapp Emma Boren Aug 10, 1885
OR Lane Mary Tapp A. Washburn Feb 08, 1877
SC Orangeburg Ann Barbara (Widow) Tapp George Adam Ernst 1740
SC Orangeburg John Julius Tapp Anna B. (Widow) Hergersperger 1740
SC Spartanburg H. H. Tapp Leroy Burns April 10, 1871
TN Anderson C. H. Tapp E. Taylor Sep 5, 1850
TN Blount Martha Tap Riley Jones Aug 5, 1886
TN Blount Mary A. Tapp James H. Dunn Oct 11, 1875
TN Carter Isabella Tapp Isaac Cole sep 10, 1824
TN Carter Mary A. Tapp C. C. Harrison Mar 03, 1887
TN Carter Unknown Tapp James Turner Oct 05, 1884
TN Carter William Tapp Elizabeth Mayton Oct 19, 1850
TN Claiborne Daniel Tapp Martha Overbay Jun 10, 1868
TN Dyer Matilda Tapp John Simpson Jun 10, 1867
TN Dyer Ben Tapp Phillip Johnson (f) Feb 22, 1868
TN Gibson Julia Tapp David O'Neal 1879
TN Haywood Frank Tapp Fannie Brumley Mar 04, 1878
TN Knox Doshia Tapp John H. Laugherty Mar 21, 1888
TN Knox Jacob F. Tapp Minnie M Fawver Dec 25, 1899
TN Knox Jane Mary Tapp Jacob R Jett Aug 11, 1842
TN Knox Wm Tapp Effie Huffaker Dec 24, 1896
TN Lawrence Ella Tapp W. M. Buchanan Apr 09, 1897
TN Lawrence Ellen Tapp Lee Turner Sep 02, 1890
TN Lawrence Lucy Tapp F. D. Fennell May 26, 1895
TN Montgomery Sarah Jane Tap John Daniel Aug 22, 1859
TN Roane Adaline Tapp Leroy R. Hudelston Sep 15, 1862
TN Roane Frank Tapp Leathy White Dec 29, 1884
TN Roane Jackson Tapp Mary Mckinney Nov 06, 1878
TN Roane John Tapp Bettie Dake Jun 28, 1888
TN Roane Katie Tapp Marion Helton Dec 24, 1898
TN Roane L. C. Tapp James Bly Aug 04, 1873
TN Roane Malinda Tapp Hiram H. Carroll Jun 16, 1870
TN Roane Manerva Tapp William Huddleston Oct 16, 1865
TN Shelby Thomas C. Tapp Mary Ware Jan 15, 1855
TN Sumner Ellen Tapp S. H. Hayes Sep 14, 1867
TN Sumner H. E. Tapp Ellen Douglass Feb 04, 1860
TN Sumner Minirva Tapp Cupid Sample Dec 29, 1865
TN Union Anna Tapp Lindsey Gray Dec 29, 1895
TN Union Isaac Tapp Mary J. Gray Sep 01, 1895
TN Union Moses Tapp Martha Vandergriff Nov 15, 1883
TN Unocoi Thomas O. TAPP Mollie McInturff
TN Washington Rhoda Tapp Abraham Masters 1/22/1846
TN Washington Elizabeth Tapp Jubal H. Huskens Aug 04, 1853
TN Washington Elizabeth Tapp Jubal H. Huskens Jul 29, 1853
TN Washington Isacc Tapp M. Hampton Oct 11, 1838
TN Washington Letty Tapp James Cronell Oct 18, 1818
TN Washington Margaret Tapp Thomas Brown Aug 04, 1861
TN Washington Rebecca Tapp William Tilson Feb 12, 1862
TN Washington Rebecca Tapp John R. Tittle Oct 31, 1865
TN Washington Vincent Tapp Rachel Burris April 28, 1827
TN Washington William Tapp Catharine Haskins Aug 22, 1857
TX Bosque W. C. Tapp Mattie Gray Jul 3, 1881
TX Bowie M. C. Tapp W. L. Odom Aug 15, 1895
TX Ellis Charley Tapp Emma E A Kendrick Nov 22, 1886
TX Ellis Mary E. Tapp O.C. Baker Mar 15, 1883
TX Hunt Georgia Tapp Walter Davis Dec 07, 1899
TX Hunt John Tapp Mrs. M. O. Stevens Jan 13, 1887
TX Kaufman A. F. {Andrew Franklin} Tapp Bettie Campbell 23 Dec 1882
TX Kaufman Ace Tapp Lizzie Taylor 24 Dec 1896
TX Kaufman Alex Tapp Mattie Gassoway Jul 30, 1872
TX Kaufman Arthur {L.} Tapp Louella Lowrie 04 Oct 1891
TX Kaufman Arthur {Lonzo} Tapp Tamsie {Jane} Howie 25 Mar 1896
TX Kaufman Caroline Tapp Ben Williams Jan 14, 1875
TX Kaufman Caroline Tapp Dan Scott Apr 25, 1877
TX Kaufman Charity E. Tapp H. H. Brown June 9, 1907
TX Kaufman Charlotte Tapp Cornelius Daugherty Oct 03, 1878
TX Kaufman Cicero Tapp Edna Dancer December 16, 1900
TX Kaufman Eula V. Tapp John A. {Allen} Coffman May 22, 1904
TX Kaufman Flora {V.} Tapp John S. {Samuel} Dancer 08 Nov 1891
TX Kaufman H. O. Tapp J. A. Sparks 17 Mar 1895
TX Kaufman Ida Tapp C. T. Rowe 10 Nov 1890
TX Kaufman J. M. Tapp E. W. Johnson Jun 25, 1857
TX Kaufman J. M. Tapp Ida Hill Aug 22, 1872
TX Kaufman Leila Tapp John Burress 10 Oct 1897
TX Kaufman M. B. Tapp W. F. Erwin 04 Jul 1889
TX Kaufman M. J. Tapp A. M. Denman May 17, 1877
TX Kaufman Mary F. Tapp T. B. Minshew Dec 07, 1876
TX Kaufman Nannie M. Tapp J. F. {Joseph F. G.} Denman 24 Feb 1885
TX Kaufman Rebecca Tapp T. J. Weaver Jan 23, 1879
TX Kaufman S. A. {S. C. per tombstone} Tapp J. L. {Jackson Layfette} Gassaway 01 Jul 1869
TX Kaufman S. A. Tapp J. L. Gassaway Jul 01, 1869
TX Kaufman S. E. {Sarah Elizabeth} Tapp A. T. {Abraham Torence} Franklin 19 Nov 1875
TX Kaufman Sam Tapp Sorrell Burress 08 Jan 1899
TX Kaufman Stephen Tapp Fannie Handin May 02, 1873
TX Kaufman W. M. Tapp Ellen Counant *28 Feb 1887
TX Lamar Mollie Tapp James Payne 1891
VA Albermarle F.W. Tapp Peter M Meriwether Oct 6, 1836
VA Albermarle Henry J Tapp Frances Gaimbell Dec 12, 1822
VA Albermarle M E R Tapp John M Lewis Dec 24, 1851
VA Albermarle Vincent Tapp Susannah Gambell Jun 22, 1782
VA Chesterfield Jamima Tapp William Denniss 17 November 1823
VA Chesterfield Lucinda Tapp John Lawrence 21 December 1829
VA Culpeper Ann Tapp Philip Amiss Sep 4, 1786
VA Culpeper Anna Tapp Elias Corder Dec 25, 1792
VA Culpeper Jamima Tapp William Denniss 17 November 1823
VA Culpeper Nancy Tapp Mark Landram Feb 10, 1786
VA Culpeper Sally Tapp Young Scott Feb 25, 1800
VA Culpeper Susanna Tapp James Mason Dec 25, 1793
VA Culpeper Susanna Tapp Charles Carter Dec 28, 1797
VA Essex Mary Tapp John Butcher 1691
VA Fauquier Susan Tapp James Groves 08 September 1825
VA Frederick Elizabeth Ann Tapp Benjamin Scanland 29 April 1830
VA Frederick Elizabeth Tapp Charles Beckley Apr 3, 1816
VA Frederick Elizabeth Tapp Charles Beckley 03 April 1816
VA Frederick Isaac Tap Elizabeth Pritchett Jun 7, 1798
VA Frederick Mary Tapp Jacob Hite 21 August 1821
VA Frederick Samuel Tap Rebecca Shipley Mar 31, 1799
VA Frederick Susan E. Tapp Jacob F. Ridenour 15 May 1850
VA Frederick Susan E. Tapp Jacob Ridenour 15 May 1845
VA Greenbrier Frances Tapp James K. Perry
VA Greenbrier Francis Tapp James K. Perry 03 January 1847
VA Greene Susan D. Tapp Henry P. Kyle 14 Jun 1851
VA Greene Susan D. Tapp Henry P. Kyle 14 Jun 1851
VA Page Margaret S. Tapp Charles K. Cullers 19 Jun 1856
VA Rappahannock Elizabeth B. Tapp Samuel Hackley 03 August 1843
VA Rappahannock Elizabeth F. Tapp Elijah Payne 04 January 1844
VA Rappahannock Tender Tapp George L. Robertson 28 April 1833
VA Sarah TAPP Thomas McCarley
VA Fauquier Irene M. Tapp James W. Wyckoff Jan 17, 1877
VA Fauquier J. B. Tapp E. H. R. Jacobs Apr 29, 1884
VA Fauquier Mary C. Tapp John W. Cunningham Dec 06, 1855
VA Fauquier William Tapp Martha Lamb Dec 18, 1895
WI Columbia Karl F Tapp 10 Jun 1873
WI Columbia Rudolph F Tapp 14 Jun 1899
WI Grant Jerhard J Tapp 10 Nov 1851
WI Milwaukee August Tapp 03 Dec 1861
WI Milwaukee Leontine Tapp 03 Dec 1861
WI Milwaukee Maria Tapp 30 Apr 1898
WI Portage John Tapp 99 --- 1822
WV Marion Charles L. Tapp Martha J. Walters 16 Dec 1877
WV Taylor William W. Tapp Leona Bartlett 27 Jun 1888

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